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It Might Be Alive After All!

After a l-o-n-g break away from this project, it seems like there may be some new activity forthcoming. I recently acquired a Raspberry Pi, and I’ve been looking for a “project” for the little beastie. Perhaps this is the right device for the task.

The Pi is one of the newer ones with a bit more memory and such. I have it running Raspbian a Debian Linux distribution, which has Python already installed. I suspect much of my old NLTK code will run fine, but s-l-o-w-l-y.

I’ve decided to use Twitter as the main interface to the program. Eventually, it will check Twitter every 5-10 minutes for “mentions” of it’s handle, parse the message, and generate a suitable response. Python Twitter Tools seems to include most of the functionality I need and is tailor-made for the job. I have the Twitter account (@braynebuddy) ready, I’ve generated the required credentials, and am (not very) busily coding.

Stay tuned for more…

Author: Rob

I'm a retired engineer, a Jesus-follower, a long-time computer hobbyist, a Starfinder GM, a sometimes player of chess, and a solidly mediocre guitar strummer.